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About us

We create tools that we use ourselves.

20 years of experiences

NETHOST is a leading supplier of hosting, server hosting, server care and domain registration in the Czech Republic. Its own state-of-the-art technological background and innovative development enables the company to have individual access to customers. We offer a high quality services provided with a possibility of individual adjustments to meet clients’ needs. Thanks to the guarantee and the quality of the services provided, NETHOST dlivers its services to a wide range of companies across the whole Europe. The main goal of the company is a satisfied customer who, thanks to our services, can further develop their business and offer more services to the general public.



The main mission of NETHOST is to develop technologies and services that would increase standards in the given bmarket segment. It brings our customers greater business value and provides quality-of-life improvements. In general, the company strives to improve business and the quality of IT services in the Czech Republic, emphasizing the ethics of business, the impact on the environment and the work environment.